Why The Busy Lifestyle Academy

The Busy Lifestyle Academy helps busy business owners learn faster and achieve better results while living life on the fast lane.

Learning tips and tricks and testing new things is great, but real learning is even better.

As a business owner, with the busy lifestyle you lead, real, practical learning is not easy to achieve.

You can always read books, go to seminars and conferences, etc. But this requires time. And, time is what you don't have.

Online learning gives you the flexibility to study as much or as little as your spare time allows. From wherever you are in the world.

Hey there!

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I'm Maura Cordis, and a couple of years ago when I have created The Busy Lifestyle Magazine I was told that the only way to get a significant number of people to visit my online magazine was through ads.

I made a bet: I'll do it without paying a dollar for ads. It took me several months of trial and error but I won the bet.

I have taken the learning I have gained with the first online magazine and tried it again with a second one, with the same good results.

The steps I have learned while building these 2 magazines where put together into a step by step method that will help you design a strategy customized to your own business needs. This tried and tested method is what I'm teaching during this workshop.

I hope you'll enjoy the process and will benefit from the insight you'll get from it!